Best Weather Apps to Pack Your Travel Bag

best weather apps

After much research, I founded these best weather radar applications for the traveler, that provide the best services. Weather apps are very useful for the traveler. It helps the traveler to visit many places at the right time. you can learn more about these applications below. Each application has some special specifications you must check it out.

Our Top Picks for the Best Weather Apps

  1. AccuWeather
  2. Dark Sky
  3. Weather Underground
  4. The Weather Channel
  5. WeatherBug
  6. Radarscope
  7. Hurricane by American Red Cross
  8. CARROT Weather

1. AccuWeather


AccuWeather apps is a free application. It is best for you if you are looking for detailed weather reports. It has thorough weather information that lets you know the conditions, dew points, and wind speeds by the hour. The AccuWeather’s developer packed it with graphs, charts, and video forecasts for the separate locations. It will help you to plan what to wear for your upcoming trips as well as spur-of-the-moment walks or hikes. AccuWeather will help you to see the local and global forecasts for the upcoming two weeks. If any severe weather looms ahead, you have the option to track it with an animated radar map.

AccuWeather also provides a feature that predicts rain gear. The users of AccuWeather love the Real-Feel index, that considers factors like humidity and wind. The index provides the best easy understandable information that what the weather will feel like, as opposed to just the number you see on a thermometer.

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2. Dark SkyDark Sky

Dark Sky is one of the long-time favorites among the users of the weather apps, even if it comes with a small price tag of $3.99. It provides predictions packaged every minute in a digestible way. Weather data can be very detailed and clunky, but the Dark Sky app shows it in a very simple way. The users can review all the information for the forecasts of projected conditions and temperature for the entire week. with the feature of customizable alerts for weather, that help in planning trips and outdoor activities. Dark Sky app includes advance radar maps for the local and global destination that allows the users to see where storms are as well as where they are going.

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3. Weather UndergroundWeather Underground

The Weather Underground has a customized interface in various manners. Such as the information is produced and uploaded by about 200,000 individual climate stations run by weather enthusiasts. You can provide details regarding your local sky conditions as well as possibilities like power interruptions or flash floods from inside the app. The details cards are customizable — you live in a region that rarely observes sea typhoons, you can easily remove that card from your list, for example. Some extra cool features include a real-time report from the station nearest to your area and the user can submit the photographs of climate conditions in your area and around the world.

If you are a bit of a climate nerd and like to remain educated on all way of information, look at the Weather Underground.

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4. The Weather ChannelThe Weather Channel

The Weather Channel is still offering a simplified interface, carries a few extra details to the climate weather-watching party. You will get the hourly, day by day, hourly, and 15-day forecast, as well as the speed of the wind, UV index, and humidity. Discover the weather-related street conditions and watch videos of the forecast for your region. The Weather Channel is specialized in climate-related news stories. Using this application you will be able to find out the local and national scientific discoveries, nature videos, and storms.

If you think about the climate as a major aspect of your everyday news absorption, The Weather Channel will feed you what you need.

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5. WeatherBugWeatherBug at Apple

WeatherBug is a great application for individuals who are suffering from allergies because it is a great source of news regarding this subject. In addition, it provides the hourly, day by day, and 10-day forecasts, this app details the pollen index of the day in which allergy triggers are prominent. In additionally it has an awesome connected-home feature that allows you to connect your Honeywell, Nest, or SmartThings hub detailed analysis of your utilization of energy. Even you don’t connect thermostat, you can calculate your day by day costs based on climate conditions, gas costs, average electricity costs, and what your HVAC is set to.

If you are worried about your household’s energy utilization, especially if you have a connected home smart hub, So you must get WeatherBug.

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6. RadarscopeRadarscope

Radarscope is made for serious climate lovers. It offers the local data rendering of reflective, dual-polarization, velocity, accumulation, echo tops, and more from any NEXRAD or TDWR radar in the U.S., Puerto Rico, and Guam. Radar layers include severe lighting alerts, weather warnings, and a variety of storm trackers. Radarscope comes with a small price tag of $10. The monthly Pro level includes extra data sets, such as extended loops, lightning alerts, and many more. The AllisonHouse and Spotter Network’s members can log in with membership for extra exclusive data.

If you think about NEXRAD radar or understand what a Correlation Coefficient is, you will think RadarScope to be money well spent.

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7. Hurricane by American Red CrossHurricane by American Red Cross

The Red Cross has a series of disaster preparedness apps that cover forces of nature like earthquakes, tornadoes, and wildfires.

The people who live in places prone to hurricanes or loved ones living in the range of those areas. This application will not tell you the only current temperature, it will get you to know about the hurricane or high-wing storm is headed your way. This application offers you a very useful toolkit that can be useful for you. Such as activating strobe light or flashlight on your mobile phones, your loved one will receive an automatic text message that you are safe, and sound a loud alarm to signal your location. This is the best Weather apps that have direct connectivity to the NOAA weather radio reports and extensive information on what to do when one hits and how to deal with the aftermath.

If you or a loved one live in a hurricane-prone area, Hurricane by American Red Cross will keep you informed on dangerous weather conditions.

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8. CARROT WeatherCARROT Weather

CARROT shows you the weather with a hateful twist. It seems like a human-hating artificial intelligence. And comments such as “Your heating bill is going to bankrupt you,” and “I hope you get a sunburn,” there is no doubt that Carrot Weather application is the best funny weather apps, every weather report will make you laugh. It comes with a small price tag of $5. In addition, if you use more CARROT Weather then you will unlock more secret locations, such as a certain Outer Rim Moisture Farm and Mount Doom. I want to tell you one interesting thing that Carrot can now appear right in your living room thanks to AR. You have two options first is you can tap on its ocular sensor or second is you might regret it. If you have a little knowledge of weather talk, Carrot will make you laugh a lot.

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Final Words

I hope your queries related to the best weather apps have been solved. If you have any type of queries or suggestion please comment below we will revert you as soon as possible. You can also contact us via contact us page. If you like this information please share it with your friends.

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